Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tulips for toddlers

Well, the tulips were short lived as my toddler decided to either pluck the bud off or pull it up from the bulbs. May have to rethink for next year, of course by then she will hopefully know not to do that. Harumph!

Friday, April 22, 2011

'tis the season... be gardening!

I'm back in the yard with my ever-optimistic view on the upcoming season. This year WILL be the best! Let's not have 2 month long heat waves and freak storms and whatever else this year.

Those tulips I planted last fall have sprouted. They haven't bloomed yet and have been stomped on by toddler feet a few times so some have died already and a lot were dug up by rampant squirrels, but the ones that remain look like they'll bloom in a week. yay! I take this as a sign of things to come. Mental note for next fall: plant more in bunches instead of sporadically through the yard.

The yarrow is thriving, so I am excited to see how it will turn out this year and the coneflower is coming back - yay! These were things I planted in the hottest part of the summer, so they were touch and go. Unfortunately the Montauk Daisy has met its sad death and will not be returning this year.

So what do we have on the list this year?
Our grapes are growing well, so we'll have to figure out the arbor soon. We have strawberries coming in, but I am so indifferent to them because they produce maybe one strawberry at a time. It's just a silly waste of space. The spearamint is coming in and we have one blueberry bush in the front and one in the back. Both seem to be doing well, but we are thinking of transplanting the one in back to the front and replacing a dead hedge border with a border of blueberry bushes (not sure how this will work though).

I am starting seeds this year for everything except tomato plants. We have been putting ourselves under more of a budget, so I am trying to use more seeds for food & flowers.

Bought the following:
beans (bush type this year!)

The problem with seeds is that I am now already behind. The flower seeds are going right in the ground and I'll just see what appears. The herb seeds are going in the seed starter kit.

Okay, I think that's it for my intro to 2011. Wish me luck!