Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crop Mobs are pretty amazing

I skimmed a title of an article somewhere and the term "crop mob" stuck. I kept thinking "what the heck is a crop mob?" picturing a bunch of corn stalks all dancing in a public place. Well turns out, it's almost as cool (you can't really top crops dancing, sorry).

A crop mob is a group of people who "mob" local farms or green spaces and spruce them up for a few hours here and there. It is kind of like a flash mob, but for gardening. How cool is that?

Almost any information you want to find is on Crop Mob's website, including but not limited to a directory of some of the many crop mobs around the country. I found the local NYC one and joined up through facebook. I am amazed at how hard this small group of volunteers worked to beautify some really cool looking gardens around the city. They also spruced up some tree pits and other green spaces. They even got their hands on my favorite joint in Queens: Queens County Farm.

They've been getting some great publicity lately too. Here's a write-up from Time Out NY. They were recently highlighted on NPR as well.

Some pics taken from Crop Mob NYC's facebook page:

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